I am Tessila Lamb, the girl behind the camera,
and owner of TNM Artistry.
I am an adventurous entrepreneur who always
loves to try new things. I love warm sunshiney days,
which I gain inspiration from! I love colors, mountains,
music, red roses, night time, dancing, spending time
with my family, the sky, traveling, playing with kids,
wildflowers, and lots, lots more!

Why choose me as your photographer?

I am good-natured and easy to get along with, and you’ll never know me without humor and a smile! When you’re awkward and don’t know what to do with your hands, I will guide you and ensure you are comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. I know how to make your photo shoot fun and enjoyable, and give you the result you are looking for in capturing your best memories in a time capsule!

I’ve been into photography since I was very little, capturing the beauty of everything I saw, from the details of a dandelion to the colors of a country sunset. My passion for photography grew, and then in 2019 I plunged into photographing portraits! I have had so much fun working with people in addition to still life, and I look forward to many more years to come!

Art is my middle name! I always love to try new things, from beads and jewelry to resin and paint. Music is another passion of mine, and I love to sing, play various instruments with piano as primary, and compose music, also since I was very young. Make sure you check out my artwork while you’re here!

I was born and raised in Montana, and I live on a small farm along with my husband in the mountains of the western side of the state. We were recently married , and together we build chicken coops, greenhouses, sheds, and anything we put our minds to! Laughter and fun are one of the main elements
in our lives, and only adds to the joys in the home.