I began photography using a disconnected phone I carried everywhere, and later upgraded to the family point-and-shoot camera, then I finally bought my first “real” camera and lenses and learned manual mode. I am completely self-taught with research on all different types of photography and a lot of practice. Though I also read a bunch on portraits, I never really had much of an interest in that type until recently. Just out of the blue one day I got the idea of taking my youngest sister out and in front of the camera and surprised myself with the results. I fell in love with shooting portraits right then and there.
    Aside from photography, you might find me siting at the piano playing anything that comes to mind and I’ve never heard before or actually composing music, sitting in my favorite chair listening to music while handcrafting beaded bracelets, creating art pieces with resin, or breathing in the fumes of spray paint while trying to make art from it….. Not really; I use a mask, but the rest is true.
If you want, go ahead and check out my other art here.
   A few random facts about me:
I love summer. It’s when I can run around barefoot (Sometimes I even go shoeless outside in the winter!), and I feel inspired to do things when it’s warm. I’m cold-blooded, so winter isn’t my thing.
I love taking walks on warm nights past midnight when there’s no moon and the stars are shining the brightest. The night sky is the prettiest of God’s creation, in my opinion.
I’m a night owl, if you didn’t catch that. I often stay up til 1:00 at the earliest.
I’m an INFP.
I love anything and everything blue, and it’s rare when you won’t find me wearing it. Darker the better. And green comes next.
I sing and play the piano (not at the same time), and also play around on various other instruments such as the guitar and Irish whistle which I’ve included in some of my recorded music.
I have eleven siblings, and the few of us who are still at home live on a small ranch/farm with various different animals. I personally own one pig who periodically has a litter of babies.
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