Born and raised as a Montana country girl, I’ve always loved the wild flowers and beautiful skies it gives. I have aspired to capture the beauty and share it with others since I was very little.
    I began photography using a disconnected phone I carried everywhere, and later upgraded to the family point-and-shoot camera. My photos, for the first few years, were a bit embarrassing, but that’s the joys of starting out. I bought my first “real” camera a few years ago, and with much research and practice, I think I’m finally getting the hang of photography now. Even still, I have lots to learn in order to become a professional. Someday, I’d love to travel the world and photograph, sharing God’s amazing creation with others.
   Over the years I’ve read a ton on all different types of photography, but had never applied the knowledge I’ve attained on portrait photography until recently. Just out of the blue one day I got the idea of taking my youngest sister out and in front of the camera and surprised myself with the results. I fell in love with taking portraits right then and there. When I was much younger I would photograph her every once in a while, but I hadn’t done much more than that until a short time ago. I still hope to learn and grow more in my photography. There’s never an end to learning!
    Aside from photography, you might find me playing the piano and composing contemporary-classical music, sitting in my favorite chair listening to music while handcrafting beaded bracelets, or breathing in the fumes of spray paint while trying to make art from it….. Not really; I use a mask, but the rest is true.
    Growing up with eleven siblings, there has hardly been a day when an instrument isn’t picked up and played, or a recording of another artist’s song being listened to. I was probably around seven or so when I took a liking to the piano, and began copying cellphone ringtones perfectly, by ear. The fast-paced ones were my favorite to replicate, as it was a fun challenge. After I became tired of the short ringtones, I began copying full songs. Later, I started composing my own music. It was then when my parents decided it was time for me to attend piano lessons in order to learn to read music. I never have really caught on that well, but instead, advanced in songwriting. My written music is described as romantic, whimsical contemporary-classical. As well as traveling the world, another dream of mine is to professionally record my music into full albums.
    After my oldest sister got married close to ten years ago and left some of her jewelry behind, I picked up where she left off and began crafting my own beaded jewelry, specializing in bracelets. I made sure each of my sister’s and friends had a bracelet (maybe a few bracelets), and now have recently begun selling them.
    In the summer of 2017, a friend taught me how to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: spray paint art. My paintings are nothing special, as I’m just starting out, but I’d like to improve in any way I can. YouTube was sent from heaven.
    Any additional projects and crafts I’ve created will be published, as well as the arts described above.
   Here are a few additional random facts about me:
I love summer. It’s when I can run around barefoot (Sometimes I even go shoeless outside in the winter!), and I feel inspired to do things since it’s warm. I’m cold-blooded, so winter isn’t my thing.
I love taking walks on warm nights past midnight when there’s no moon and the stars are shining the brightest. The night sky is the prettiest of God’s creation, in my opinion.
I’m a night owl, if you didn’t catch that. I often stay up til 1:00 at the earliest.
I’m an INFP.
I love anything and everything blue, and it’s rare when you won’t find me wearing it. Darker the better. And green comes next.
I have eleven siblings, and the few of us who are still at home live on a small ranch/farm with various different animals. I personally own two pigs who periodically each have a litter of babies.
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